Our B&B Recipes

Breakfast is half of the name! B&B’s are famed for their delicious home-cooked, even gourmet, repasts. Here at Auberge on the Vineyard, we strive to make the “other half” as exceptional as the first.

We are asked for our recipes so often that we have decided to share them here with you. Now guests can recreate and share their memorable Auberge on the Vineyard culinary experience with their family and friends.

Crepes L’Auberge

Rebecca, our assistant innkeeper, and I created and tested this recipe together. It’s now one of our most popular dishes. Once you get the hang of making crepes, it’s easy to prep this dish... view full recipe

Spiced Rum Cake with Pecans

This recipe is so easy, it’s almost embarrassing to publish it but we get so many requests for it, I’m succumbing to the pressure and putting it out there. We have tweaked this a bit from the original, a recipe inherited from the prior owner of the b&b, Anna Smith.... view full recipe

Classic Quiche Lorraine

Everyone in my family (except my dad) knows how to make quiche. Even my burly brothers have been serving up my mom’s original recipe since we were kids. I have to say it’s a pretty yummy quiche. That said, I’ve been working on improving the recipe and am happy to say that we make one here at Auberge on the Vineyard that is even better than mom’s Oh, it incorporates the basics of hers; gruyere…... view full recipe

Pumpkin Pannacotta

If you’ve never had pannacotta, you’re in for a real treat. We have developed several different pannacotta recipes here at Auberge on the Vineyard, because it’s a light, fruit based dessert with European flair. It also can keep in the refrigerator for up to a week, which is a BONUS on those days when getting up at the crack of dawn to make breakfast isn’t so fun! In the fall, we serve pumpkin pannacotta. Here’s…... view full recipe

Ham and Cheese Crepes with Herbed Champagne Mornay Sauce

Crepes are making a comeback! I’m quite surprised at how well crepes are received when served at Auberge on the Vineyard.... view full recipe


I know that I keep harping on the “house favorites” and it seems that every time we work on a recipe, it pushes an old favorite out of our “short list”. So far, I’m still in love with this clafoutis recipe and it’s miles better than the recipes I started with back this past winter. Clafoutis is a French fruited dessert that seems like a cross between a pudding and a custard. The fruit lays…... view full recipe

Eggs Auberge

Amazingly, this has turned out to be one of our guests favorite breakfasts. Personally I think it’s the fresh herbs and champagne that make it fabulous.... view full recipe

Lasagna Bolognese al Forno

This lasagna is a cross between lasagna al forno and lasagna bolognese. Although a common dish in Italy, I rarely see lasagna al forno on American menus, and it’s a real shame because it’s a much lighter pasta dish than traditional lasagna with red sauce. Combined with a bolognese sauce for the base ingredient, this lasagna dish always gets rave reviews.... view full recipe

Dessert Crepe Batter

It never seems to amaze me how much people love to eat crepes. This is one of our most popular desserts, and because they are so versatile, it’s always fun to come up with different ideas for fillings. Shown here with a Nutella filling and powdered sugar topping, this is a light dessert after a big breakfast. Don’t forget the whipped cream!... view full recipe

Sun Dried Tomato Dip

This dip works with crackers, crostini, vegetables and might even be pretty good in an omelette (I’ll have to try that!)... view full recipe

Cranberry Almond Scones

Yeah, you’re right, scones are not French but Susan loves them so I’ve been asked to make these from time to time. They are great in a pinch, particularly if I’m tired of making potatoes as the starch course.... view full recipe

Creme Brulee French Toast (Pain Perdu)

This recipe for French toast (or pain perdu as they say in France) is so decadent and delicious that I rarely see a single uneaten bite make its way back to the kitchen. You won’t believe how easy this is to make and it will knock your socks off!  Feeds 6-8 people depending upon their appetites and be prepared for fights to break out if you didn’t make enough! This dish is prepped the evening…... view full recipe

Cranberry Almond Coffee Cake

This is a very yummy and rich coffee cake which I have served as a dessert and for our last course at breakfast. Everyone raves about it, and it’s pretty simple to prepare. Be careful not to overcook it lest it dry out!... view full recipe

Blackberry Galette

This is my new favorite dessert! After several months making various fruit galettes, our guests seem to really like this one. And, it’s not too hard to prepare.... view full recipe

Mediterrean Strata

This concoction brings our guests running to breakfast, even if they over-imbibed the night before! We serve with organic sausage and herbed rosemary potatoes with this dish, and of course, one of our signature desserts! It’s ALL about the food! The appearance and texture of the dish is souffle-like, the aroma of the herb heavenly. We prep individual stratas here at Auberge, as we’re never quite sure how many guests we’ll have, so you’ll need…... view full recipe

Tarte Tatin

This recipe is a pain in the butt because it requires a ton of prep. That said, it’s also to die for. We serve a dessert course here at Auberge on the Vineyard, and in the style of the French, and as they say in wine country, our desserts are “fruit forward”. Tarte tatin is one our signature dishes. It cannot be made ahead of time because the dish loses some of its lightness. That…... view full recipe