Bear Republic Brewing Company: When Beer Helped Cloverdale

It was the start of the 2013/2014 winter and things were looking bad for the town of Cloverdale faced a dire fate: the water supply was running out.  The Russian River was all but dry, there was no rain in the forecast, and Cloverdale had been placed on a list with 16 other communities that were in danger of running out of water by spring.

beer-brewery-dt45413956But then along came a bear… Bear Republic Brewing Company, that is.

In November, 2013, just when things were looking VERY bad, the Healdsburg craft brewing company gave $466,143 to Cloverdale to drill two new wells to support expansion of their operations into Cloverdale proper.  And these wells would also save northern Sonoma County from one of the worst droughts it had seen in 40 years or more.

Instead of a drought, Bear Republic Brewing offered draughts… and the water that saved the community.

Bear Republic Brewing is one of the biggest water consumers in the area, using more than 8 million gallons a year to create their products.  However this is far from the industry standard, most breweries of their size use twice that amount of water.  Bear Republic places very high value on sustainability, and are currently in the process of installing a wastewater pre-treatment plant to further assist with electricity, production and cleaning.  Pair that with their solar efforts, and Bear Republic Brewing stands out as a leader in sustainable practices.

The brewery creates nearly 70 beer varieties total, from their standard year-round brews, seasonal, specialties, and barrel aged/limited edition offerings.  Taste for yourself:  while the Cloverdale factory does not welcome guests, nearby Healdsburg is home to the Bear Republic Brewing Company Pub & Restaurant, offering great beer and delicious food choices for lunch and dinner.  While you’re there, be sure to give them a big “Thank You” for helping out the home of your favorite bed and breakfast, Auberge on the Vineyard!

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