Anderson Valley Wineries

Anderson Valley is located in the rolling hills of Mendocino County’s coastal region. Only fifteen miles long, this beautiful valley is home to a unique group of vineyards and wineries producing a broad range of excellent wines including World Class Pinot Noir and Alsace Varietals. Whether you are an experienced wine aficionado, or are just discovering the pleasure of drinking good wine, the Anderson Valley deserves exploration.

On the long and winding road to Anderson Valley and the Mendocino coast, even grown men ask, “Are we there yet?” California wine country doesn’t get farther from the beaten path. There’s a stubborn, undomesticated beauty here, from the high rocky bluffs of the coast to the charismatically rustic landscape of the valley.

Eccentricity comes with the territory – the people in Boonville developed their own quirky dialect, if that tells you anything-but that is half of the area’s charm. If you like visiting folksy little wineries, drinking unfussy and fruit-forward wines, having dinner by a fire and getting some peace and quiet, this is your wine country.

The main access route is Highway 128, a serpentine tow-lane thrill ride, at least 28 miles from Cloverdale. There are 27 wineries in the valley, most of which are open for drop-in tastings. Some of the more well-known wineries include Navarro, Handley, Goldeneye and Roederer Estate. This area is a must-see if you have the time.

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Baxter Winery
P.O. Box 651
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-963-0121

Breggo Cellars
11001 Highway 128
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-9589

Brutocao Cellars
7000 Highway 128
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-2152

Claudia Springs Winery
2160 Guntly Road
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-3926

P.O. Box 313
Elk, CA 95432
Phone: 707-877-1771

Elke Vineyards
12351 Highway 128
Boonville, CA 95415
Phone: 707-246-7045

Esterlina Vineyards
1200 Holmes Ranch Road
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-2920

Foursight Wines
14475 Highway 128
Boonville, CA 95415
Phone: 707-895-2889

9200 Hwy 128
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-3202

Greenwood Ridge Vineyards
5501 Hwy 128
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-2002

Handley Cellars
3151 Hwy 128
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 800-733-3151

P.O. Box 160
Albion, CA 95410
Phone: 800-937-1889

Husch Vineyards
4400 Hwy 128
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-55-HUSCH

Jim Ball Vineyards
P.O. Box 441
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-480-0371

Lazy Creek Vineyards
4741 Hwy 128
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-3623

Londer Vineyards & Winery
P.O. Box 14
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-9016

Milano Winery
14594 S Highway 101
Hopland, CA 95449-9708
Phone: (707) 744-1396

Navarro Vineyards
5601 Hwy 128
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 800-537-9463

Phillips Hill Estates
8627 Highway 128
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-2209

Philo Ridge Vineyards
27700 Nash Mill Rd.
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-489-2303

Raye’s Hill Vineyard & Winery
3400 Chardonnay Lane
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-3439

Roederer Estate
4501 Hwy 128
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-2288

Scharffenberger Cellars
8501 Hwy 128 P.O. Box 67
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-2957

Standish Wine Company
P.O. Box 181
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-9213

Toulouse Vineyards & Winery
8001 Hwy 128 P.O. Box 152
Philo, CA 95466
Phone: 707-895-2828

Zina Hyde Cunningham
14077 Highway 128
Boonville, CA 95415
Phone: 707-895-ZINA