About the Inn

One of the first bed and breakfasts in this area of California, Auberge on the Vineyard was formerly known as The Shelford House Bed and Breakfast and Ye Olde Shelford House.

The Victorian House was originally built in 1885 by Eurastus M. Shelford on property left to him by his father, John Shelford, III. The land was purchased in 1863 as part of the Rancho Musalacon Land Grant. In the early 1900s, the original house was lost in a fire and then rebuilt in 1910.

Six generations of Shelfords made this house, or the adjoining ranch, their home. If you visit the Cloverdale cemetery, just a short hop from the inn, you will find Shelford family graves perched on a hilltop, with a view of their former home.

In 2009, business partners and best friends Susan Ondack and Roxanne Kolbe purchased the property, which by then consisted of the historical Victorian House and the newer Carriage House. The innkeepers’ quarters are conveniently located between the two houses.

The Carriage House underwent a complete renovation in early 2010, and the innkeepers have been continuously updating and remodeling both buildings ever since.

Committing to owning and running Auberge on the Vineyard is the culmination of a dream many years in the making. A well-matched pair for the hospitality business, Roxanne and Susan each brings their own special talents to the mix.

As the full-time innkeeper, besides loving to make her guests laugh, Roxanne also enjoys ensuring their comfort, providing them with concierge care, and preparing and serving delicious breakfasts each day. She’s been cooking since she was no higher than the hem of her gourmet mother’s apron. Learning at the side of her talented mom instilled in Roxanne a lifelong passion for all things culinary.

A certified sommelier, Susan’s vast knowledge of wine comes in very handy as there are over 500 wineries in Sonoma and Mendocino counties alone. We admit that her suggestions may sometimes be upstaged by her uproarious sense of humor.